{Untitled} Louis + Harry

Louis felt like shit. Of course, he didn’t let anyone else in on the entirety of his situation, being the bubbly and “loving” person that he was; yet his mask was worn down by the curly haired boy whom Louis knew had a weird way of sensing when he was feeling like crap. It had to be their inner intuition or something, he wasn’t sure exactly. The copper haired boy sighed, laying on the bed in an odd fashion, back somewhat off of the bed, his head upside down. Click click click of his tongue, a half-empty vodka bottle laid by his bedside. He hadn’t been drinking, more, he couldn’t recollect the last time he left himself indulge in vodka. Must of been one hell of a night. Mm, the boys eyes traveled to his arms. More tattoos had adorned them. It was as if they were multiplying all by themselves, for all that he knew. One of these days, Louis swears on his mum’s grave that he’ll wake up, completely covered and have no idea how they got there, most of the ink being different types of pokemon. 

That dream was trippy. 

In an instant his ear perked up as if he was a dog, pinkish-pale tongue slipping out of his mouth to lick along his somewhat chapped bottom lip in question. A low tone spoke with a muffled, I’m here. Ah. Harry. Louis could slip off of the bed, and he did, not giving it another thought, as much as he should of. THUNK went his head against the hardwood floor. “Son of a bitch,” He cursed, rolling onto his back. Louis was able to get up in a couple of minutes, trying to nurse the bump to his head while rubbing along the temple with his callused palm. Guitar. Don’t ask. He wore nothing but sweats since, he honestly didn’t care what he wore around Harry. It’s not as if he was going to a gala where he had to look like a bloody model. Wrenching himself from the ground, Louis padded his bare feet against the malicious wooden floor, yawning a little, grabbing a nearby beanie to grasp onto and tame his hair for the time being. 

The trip towards the noise took no time at all, “You’re late,” He spoke with a smirk, pacing himself over towards the younger boy, stretching his arms out, “What goodies did you bring me, eh?” 

After shouting his arrival into the house, Harry went straight away on taking his jacket off and going straight away on unloading the bag of goodies he had brought over for the two of them. Not worrying too much of not seeing the sight of the older lad, he knew that when he was ready Louis would come out and join him or if he didn’t, he’d have to drag him out one way or another. Smiling at the thought, Harry grabbed a bag of chips and placed them on to the counter as he heard a pair of bare feet hitting against the wooden floor of the older boy’s flat. Looking back towards where he heard the noise coming from, Harry greeted him with a big goofy grin on his face as he took in his words. “Or am I early?” he chuckled, wiggling his eyebrows as he brought his attention back to unloading the snacks, pulling out a bag of unopened pretzels. “There’s chips, pretzels and trail mix,” he cleared his throat, “I grabbed just about everything I could find.”

Turning himself around so he could lean against the counter, Harry quickly swiped his tongue over his bottom lip as he crossed his arms over his chest. Why did this feel like it had been a while since they had really hung out like they used to? ‘Causing trouble and pulling pranks on the other boys, it honestly seemed like forever ago. Eyeing the older boy, he uncrossed his arms and brought his elbows to rest on the counter behind him, “so how are you feeling?” he asked, his accent heavy in this mouth, “you look horrible.” Harry teased before lightly hitting his mate before turning around and opening the bag of pretzels he had just pulled out moments ago, tossing the small bite sized snack into his mouth.

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{Untitled} Louis + Harry

After talking a little bit with Louis, he quickly came to the realization that he was a little under the weather. Feeling a little guilty with all the jokes Harry had made about one of his best mates age, he told Louis that he would be over in a few to cheer him right up. Pushing himself off of the arm chair in his living room, Harry made his way towards the kitchen to find some snacks to bring along with him. It felt weird having a place to himself, it got too lonely most of the time and the other part of the time, he was never home. Patting his front pocket of his skinnies, he felt the huge bump of the fabric where his car keys were placed inside securely. Heading to the cupboards, Harry put his cell phone in his other pocket to make sure he wouldn’t forget it. Looking into the cabniets, Harry got just about everything he could find and placed them into a small bag, figuring Louis would have drinks at his place so he didn’t worry about it.

Heading out the door of his flat, he went straight for his car: slipping inside and sticking his key into the ignition to start it up. Backing out of his small drive, Harry took the familiar route to his oldest band mates flat so they could catch up and do whatever like they planned. After not driving too long, he finally arrived, pulling into his driveway and quickly shutting his vehicle off. Harry could feel the nerves in his stomach start to build up as he got closer and closer to his door, missing his mate in many ways possible. Once he finally arrived at the door, Harry knocked twice before opening the door and peeking in. “I’m here.” he chuckled, going inside and shutting the door, kicking his shoes off and tossing the bag on the counter.

And I’ll be here waiting impatiently. Hurry, before I pass out. 


I’m running, Louis, I’m running!

Whatever that something is sounds lovely. You’ll be over soon, then? 


I’ll be over with a bag of goodies.

I’m…not too sure. Did you have something in mind, hm? Know how to perk me up? 


Well could always bring something over? Or whatever you want, really.

This hurts, ouch. Wow, what a blow. Now it would probably be best not to sleep at all. 


I’m not having a good day. Of course, it would sound terrifying if I’m not half asleep. 

Anything I can do to help?

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Huh, I thought everyone enjoyed knowing what I was doing every moment.

No, no. That’s only the fans. 

I know, I was joking mate.

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That’s more inclusive, and a much better idea, yeah. Even though, you know I’d win in a race, of course. I am the speed King. 


It’s a risk I’m willing to take for sweet revenge. Cue evil laughter.

We all know that I’ll win, Niall or Zayn will come in a close second/third and you’ll be dead last, mate.

Your evil laughter isn’t all that scary.. or evil, Lou.

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